FRF Vauxhall Swansea

In February 2017 we decided to upgrade our lighting to LED, our primary goal was to improve our lighting and reduce our running cost, lighting was very important to us, creating a sense of allure, exclusivity and value was essential to us maintaining a strong and trustworthy brand identity. After much deliberation, we decided to award the contract to Heathfield LED, they helped in designing a unique and professional lighting solutions for our retail showrooms they provided the latest specialised components tailored to the exact demands we asked them to create.

Key to our decision was that Heathfield LED were on the preferred supplier’s forum recommended by the Carbon Trust enabling us to successfully acquire a 30% none repayable grant towards the final cost of the lights and fitting, when we combined the grant with the savings we made on the fittings, we ended up with a payback on the investment of less than one year.

We place very high demands on Heathfield we required continuity of style and quality that needed to be kept across every aspect of our dealerships.  As the cars, themselves are constructed with many colours and highly reflective materials, lighting becomes the natural tool for bringing out their form, shape and character. Heathfield were key in creating this for us. Their specialist consultant liaised very well with all our key decision makers instilling confidence at all stages of the process right through to the final commissioning.

We would highly recommend Heathfield LED in all aspects of Led lighting, we have now decided to roll out the lighting improvements across the group.

Gareth Frances
Managing Director

Project Notes:  Heathfield LED Ltd made sure the full range of LED car showroom products were offered and supplied for this project.  This included our Sycamore LED downlight range, Premier Plus LED 600×600 panel50w LED Scoop fitting, Premier Plus LED 1200×600 panel, 100w and 150w LED pro floodlight, LED emergency standalone fitting, 5 foot 55w LED Marula fitting, 24w Hawthorn LED downlight range, 18w Hawthorn LED downlight range, our 6ft single and 6ft twin Willow LED IP65 non-corrosive batten fitting range, the 5ft twin Willow LED IP65 non-corrosive batten fitting range, our 100w and 150w Redwood LED high bay and our 100w and 150w Bamboo LED slimlite high bay, our 5ft and 6ft Beech LED batten fittings, our 5ft single LED Acacia batten fitting and our 50w LED COB track spot fitting.