Camplas Technology

Camplas Technology have been supplying large fibreglass tanks for over 40 years to the construction industry, our tanks were originally designed and qualified by Kingston University, Surrey. Our tanks have shown no significant deterioration while been exposed to the most arduous of conditions compared to newly made tanks of exactly the same design and construction.

We decided to improve our lighting in our factory that traditionally has always been difficult to light. We decided to commission Heathfield LED to review our lighting as they had the experience dealing with large factory lighting. Heathfield LED produced light plans that seemed to offer the light the levels we were demanding.

We were very impressed with the quality and build of the fittings, the light levels have surpassed our expectation and were well above the light plans produced.

Based on our first electric bill the savings on electric are showing over 60% our payback will be around 16 months

We would defiantly recommend Heathfield LED.

Tony Williams

Project Notes:  Heathfield LED Ltd made sure their full range of LED products were offered and supplied for this project.  The best solution found for this LED project was our Redwood 200w high bay with 120 degree reflector.