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“A Biodynamic Lighting Solution for Dementia Care”

Working closely with the NHS nursing and facilities staff at Doncaster and Rotherham trusts Dementia hospitals, Heathfield LED has recently completed a ground breaking PFI lighting installation across several sites. The installation consisted of adjustable or “Biodynamic” white LED panels not only offering an energy efficient and cost saving lighting solution but even more so a ‘Healthy Lighting’ solution compared to alternative fluorescent and halogen products.

The Problem:

Dementia patients experience a range of individual issues ranging from disrupted sleep patterns to irregular behavioural and personality concerns. The NHS have researched the fact that poorly equipped lighting within their facilities is a contributing fact to the natural biological rhythms of the body also referred to as the Bodies “Circadian” rhythm. With this widely documented information in hand Heathfield LED were approached to pioneer this study using the latest LED lighting technologies and controls solutions, a first in the UK on this scale.

The Aims:

  • Assist in the sleep patterns of the patients by offering “Natural Daylight Indoors”
  • Improve the patient healing environment
  • Improve the patient experience and staff satisfaction
  • Enhance the profile of the Trust
  • Replace inefficient, standard fluorescent lighting fixtures with high efficient, long life, flicker free LED lighting such as 600×600 LED panels
  • Provide a low cost maintenance solution
  • Install a user friendly control system.

The Solution:

Funding offered by the department of health through Loughborough University for the project, enabled us to work in collaboration with Serenity Lighting to install 600x600mm colour temperature adjustable LED lighting panels to automatically colour change through the white spectrum to mimic daylight.. The ceiling panels were installed across a wide area within the facilities including communal areas, corridors, assisted bathrooms and a number of bedrooms. The intensity of the LED panel was set automatically to mimic natural daylight patterns in order to preserve the natural triggers generated by exposure to daylight and all the positive healing benefits associated with good quality lighting and a good night’s sleep. In addition to the LED Panels we also installed linear colour changing strips to produce a wash of colour on specified walls, these were mainly installed in bedrooms, bathrooms and communal areas. Patients in these rooms now have the ability to control the colour of the wall to suit their mood via a control device, ultimately monitoring whether this has an effect on the relaxation comfort and overall patient experience.

The Benefits:

Healthy Lighting:

The lighting upgrade not only meant improved patient experience, but also promises health benefits for patients, visitors and staff alike.

  • Maintain Circadian rhythms – a much improved body cycle as would be seen with exposure to natural daylight
  • No Flicker – The Serenity Solution we adopted consisted of a patented flicker free LED solution, eliminating flicker of LED in this installation was a must.
  • Improved Psychological wellbeing: Colour “mood” lighting can improve psychological well being and aid relaxation.

Saving Carbon and cutting costs

  • At over 100lm/w the luminaire efficiency is one of the most efficient products in the market
  • Centralised power supplies and emergency racks reducing commissioning, installation and maintenance costs.