Brighton University

The School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences based at the University of Brighton and Heathfield LED have been working together to investigate the effect LED lighting has when used in conjunction with special dyes to eradicate bacteria such as MRSA.

The university approached Heathfield LED to develop an LED panel that would give a uniformed distribution of light and consistent colour throughout the panel at 625nm, the light given was a red effect perfect for the clinical trials.

Heathfield LED will continue to support the development of LED use in clinical trials to discover new ways of using light effect with medicine.

Other premium products discussed which are suitable for all hospitals were Sycamore LED downlights, LED panels, LED tube replacements, Willow LED IP65 batten fittings, Redwood highbays, Lime Midbays which can be used as a high bay or a low bay, scoop fittings and our 3w LED emergency standalones.